How to SWIM in the Sun!

Everybody has dealt with the sun completely blinding them while swimming outside. There’s no way around it. You can’t swim outdoors and expect the sun to not peak through every now again, so what can you do to help? Here’s 3 quick tips to help you swim FASTER in the sun: 1.) Wear Mirrored Goggles […]

4 Different STYLES of Butterfly Breathing Techniques!

All, welcome back to Part III of our series on Butterfly Undulation. We really couldn’t finish out this series without talking about the breath, and how it plays a role in the Butterfly stroke. After all, we all need to get air while swimming. Did you know there’s really 4 different Butterfly Breathing Techniques? I […]

5 Dryland Workouts for a FASTER Freestyle

Freestyle is the fastest swimming stroke with the 100m world record standing at an astonishing 46.91 held by César Cielo. With that said, you might be asking yourself how you can become a faster Freestyle swimmer and edge closer to becoming the next person to break a big record- whether it be your championship meet […]

2 Different Types of Undulation in Butterfly

Welcome back to our series on Undulation in Butterfly. This week we are going to dig deeper into the undulating motion in the Butterfly stroke to specifically discuss the two styles of undulating. Normally when I bring up this topic most coaches didn’t even realize that there are two different ways to undulate – but […]

Should Every Swimmer Undulate while Butterfly Swimming?

All, welcome back! I’ve actually gotten this question quite a bit – should every swimmer undulate while Butterfly swimming? So I decided I’d go ahead and write a new series on this subject. The short answer is, yes, you have to – but there’s still a few decisions you need to make. Undulation in Butterfly: […]

5 Killer Dryland Workouts For Backstroke Swimmers

Backstroke is the third fastest stroke, after Butterfly and Freestyle, and is also one of the most complex strokes due to the obvious fact that it’s swum on your back. In today’s article we’ll be taking a look at how you can improve in this stroke without actually swimming more of it, rather we’ll be […]

5 Swimming Exercises for a BETTER Butterfly stroke

Did you know that Butterfly is actually the fastest (in terms of speed) of the 4 strokes — but due to the high energy demands of the stroke, it falls behind Freestyle in the grand scheme of things. That said, in today’s article we’ll be taking a look a 5 Butterfly Stroke Swimming Exercises that […]

8 Exercises to ENSURE your Swimmer’s Shoulders are READY for Practice!

All welcome back! This post is strictly designed to help you get your swimmer’s shoulders ready for practice. I know there are plenty of teams that have already ramped up practice, and many of them are getting ready to. This is a VERY exciting time! With that, we want to make sure your shoulders are […]

Swim Coach’s Guide to Social Media

Throughout quarantine, I’ve realized there are TONS of swim coaches out there looking to better understand social media. I’ve had tons of coaches reach out to me to help them learn how to better connect with their swimmers and promote their team through the online realm. While this type of work environment is nothing new […]