2. Take Your Mark – Above Water (2)

Video Transcription: As far as toes are concerned, they have to be under the waterline. But you want them like right under the waterline. You don’t want your feet super far down on the wall. You want them closer towards the top. Obviously, if you have a Wedge, that could affect where your feet are on the wall. But if you have the option to use a Wedge, always use it. If you don’t have one, just put them towards the top. When you pull up, your feet are gonna end up below your bum while you’re on the wall. So originally when you’re hanging out and you haven’t taken your mark yet your feet are gonna be either equal to or above your bum depending on if the Wedge is super high up against the wall, but as you pull up the bum should pass your feet. So that way your feet are a little bit lower. 

This is the thing that I disproved to myself. My original thought was the bum and the feet would stay near each other, but as you’ll see in all these videos the bum is significantly higher than the feet in every single one of them. That helps with leverage because if you think about if your heels and your bum would be in a straight horizontal line, if you push, you would push straight back, but we want to push up and back. So the heels being lower is going to give you a little bit more leverage to push the body out and then over versus just straight back. 

As far as the head and back are concerned, You want to see a straight diagonal line. You do not want to see a curve like you see here with this girl. That’s very common. It’s super common to bring your head forward. To look forward, look at the bars, curve the neck, similar to lifting the head up and curving the neck the opposite way on regular above water Starts.