3. Take Your Mark – What NOT To Do

Video Transcription: Her take your mark position in so many ways is what you should not do. As you see with this video replay, one of her feet actually slips down. As she’s taking her mark, she’s struggling to pull her body really far up and get it out of the water. So she’s just struggling to move her own body weight, which isn’t great. So yeah, we don’t even have the feet equal on the wall. We have one foot lower than the other and then from there we have one knee that’s lower than the other. Her body is now lopsided. So she’s gonna push with one leg more than the opposite one. And then we’ve got a huge turtle shell going on because of that C-curve that overall there’s not a ton of things that she does well with this Start. She knows it, that she really slipped. As you can see that foot slipping there, going down the wall, as she was holding that, trying to push with your feet in a split stance, is never going to get your hips well above the water.