8. Video Example – Wide Feet

Video Transcription: This girl is a bit different than the last two, where when she’s here in the water, you know, this is actually a pretty solid frame. She’s got her heels above her bum. She’s got a really sharp knee angle. All of that is fine. And then as she continues to pull up into the Take Your Mark position, she pulls up and she gets her bum like almost to the top. But once again, it’s not all the way out. Which is good. Her feet are too wide though. If you talk about shoulder width distance apart, making sure that the knees are inside the hands, you can see that this squat is a wide squat and is visibly outside of her hips, so I don’t love that. And then when she pushes back, she pushes back, drops her bum down towards her heels, so she comes from being up to going down, and then pushes straight across the water line. 

This is super common for swimmers to do to not hit that rainbow. Okay, but what we’re working on is to try to pull up and then rock the hips forward like the end of a deadlift position, and then get over the water versus just push on top of the water.