Drill – Bodyline To Flip

Video Transcription: Another drill I really like to do is just floating where you do a body line to flip. This is just in the middle of the pool, can be anywhere. You can start with a skull, you can start not with a skull, but the goal is to initiate that flip turn from the laying position and then from there flip your body, tuck your knees into your chest really fast, be really small, and get over to your back into a streamline as fast as you can. This is another fun drill to do. This one’s probably more on the beginner side of drills, so like if you’re first learning a flip turn in a somersault, this is a great way to work your somersaults, but then work landing in a streamline like you would when you actually flip. So start on your stomach, land on your back, and see how quickly you can get that change in direction to happen.