Drill – Deep End Flipturns

Video Transcription: If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I uploaded this drill before: Deep End Flip Turns. This is another way to work a great somersault, where you dive down under the surface of the water and actually flip on the bottom and then push off. The goal being where you kind of initiate the somersault and you plant your feet, points your arms and kicks you straight up. Water depth needs to be higher than your height. Does it need to be like the deepest part of the pool? No, because when you push up and you come straight out, you want your hands to actually be able to come out of the water. Part of your arm should break through the surface. If you’re at like 12 feet in depth, there’s no way you’re going to have your hands break through the surface of the water. Make sure that when you’re picking depth, it’s still higher than your height, but deep enough to allow you to break the body out through the surface after you push off the bottom.