Drill – Kick To Flip

Video Transcription: The next drill that we’re talking about is a kick to flip. So this drill is basically like what we were doing with the body line to flip, except you’re going to actually do it with your hands on the wall. You can kick as many kicks as you want to, but you’re actually going to go straight into a flip turn and then you’re going to push off. So you add in that jump at the very end, push from the wall. Once again, you can choose the number of kicks, you can choose the type of kick on the wall, but this is a great way to add in some extra flip turn work. Say you’re at the pool and you’re doing your regular set, instead of just doing 25s or 50s rather, with one turn, you could start with a turn and then have that other turn. You really are doing two turn 50s if you start with a flip and then go into your regular flip. I’ve had really good success using this drill in a progressive way with swimming.