Push-off on Back

Video Transcription: This style of Flipturn is coming in on your stomach with the intention of leaving on your back. Once again you don’t stay on your back, you just push with your back facing down and your belly button facing up and then from there as soon as you start leaving that wall you have a swimmer rotate over towards their their side and then eventually towards their stomach. On this style of Push-off, when a swimmer flips, and plants they should literally look up. They should look like they’re making a decision between swimming Backstroke or swimming Freestyle. As those knees start to extend, the body’s gonna start rolling just a little bit. Nothing super aggressive and then from there they’re gonna roll towards their side and then eventually over towards their stomach. Another good thing about pushing off on your back is it causes a swimmer to stay under the water longer, so if you’ve got a really good Dolphin Kicker or Flutter Kicker, it’s gonna promote a longer distance that they stay under because they’re rolling through those three different steps: back, side, stomach; versus if you’re just going side to stomach, or straight to stomach. 

If you got a pretty good underwater Dolphin Kicker, or someone who is good being under the surface, it’s just gonna extend the time that they have under there because it’s gonna take them longer to get to where they need to go. It’s really a double advantage. You get a really high force plus you get a longer distance carrying that higher force, so you’re gonna have a faster swimming time.