Push-off on Side

Video Transcription: The side one is probably the most common. I think most swimmers have a little bit of an angle to a side, but some swimmers can have a more drastic angle as well, like this guy, which is part of the reason why I picked him.

As he comes into the wall here, you’re going to see when he plants his feet on the wall, his body is already on its side. You can see that arch in the back here, in this twist he has a little bit more on the upper body compared to the lower body. You see more of the upper body than we do on the lower body. So if you were doing a Squat, carrying a barbell, or even dumbbells, and your body was twisted towards the right, you can’t move as much resistance in that Squat. Same thing here in the water.

Because of that twist, he’s not going to get the best push possible. And that’s also going to affect where he goes, that he’s either going to have to be a really great Dolphin Kicker or Flutter Kicker to get himself out of that.

Once again, I err on consistency and repetition. If you’re going towards your stomach or towards your side, you don’t get either of those.