Push-off on Stomach

Video Transcription: Here’s a push-off on your stomach. Push-offs on your stomach are super common with younger swimmers, little kids. They learn this because they realize, okay, if I go in on my back for Backstroke, I need to push off on my back.

It translates to as I swim in on my stomach for Freestyle, I should push off on my stomach for Freestyle. You can see here from her pretty crazy plant onto the wall, there’s no way she’s really going to get a good push if she’s pushing off with the side of her left foot and the inside of her right foot. This flip combined with twists once again directly affects her ability to push off well. So she’s pushing off like this, which is not so much of a squat because she’s trying to hurry to get the body over towards her stomach. For her age and learning Flipturns and all of that, she’s doing a very good job, but eventually you would want to back younger swimmers out of this push-off on your stomach, to getting them to on their side, and then eventually leaving on their back.