Video Example – 10:10 Backstroke Flip Turn

Video Transcription: As far as his approach is concerned, he does a good job of rolling towards that open arm. He finishes both of his hands at his side, which is what we talked about in module one. His eyeballs are fairly down. They could be a little bit more dropped. On his flip, he gets his feet straight over his head, and he does a really nice job of planting here. 

This is what I was talking about. We’ve got kneecaps pointing up, toes pointing up, belly button pointing up. He is on his back. There’s like a minimal twist there. But what we don’t have is our streamline totally set.

So now he’s going to have to wait for a second or push off as he’s setting a streamline. You can see that happening there. For the most part, he pushes off, he’s angled slightly down. I would give this backstroke turn a 10 out of 10 from a technique perspective. The biggest thing for him is making sure that he’s setting a streamline faster, but he went through all the steps super super super well.