Video Example – Age Grouper Non Continuous Turn

Video Transcription: This is one of my little guys. If you’re an age group coach, I wanted to make sure to include y’all here. He likes to slip on the wall. You’re going to see when he plants, he just doesn’t really plant super well as he’s coming into this turn. 

He’s counting his strokes. He’s at the age where he’s learning his stroke count, but he turns over and then boom, he’s gliding into that wall. Then you see that leg slip down the wall as he’s pushing off.

So for him, he’s a little too far away from the wall. There’s a little bit of a delay between last pull and push. And then when he’s planting his feet on the wall, which is more on the flip itself and the push off there, he’s just not getting a solid plant.

If you ever have swimmers flip over and they’re spending too much time on their stomach before they flip, that’s a Non-continuous turn. You can see how he starts here and then he starts to push, push, push, … .Now flips, that is an Non-continuous Turn.

And then we’d also want to be a little bit better on hitting the wall and not having one foot on and then one foot off.