Video Example – Deep Pushoff

Video Transcription: This Turn is a bit different looking because obviously he pushes off and goes straight down. One of the main things there is that his head is up through his streamline, but his feet are actually too high on the wall. That means when he pushes off, he pushes off and goes straight towards the bottom. One of the things that he needs to work on is making sure that when you plant in any sort of Flip Turn, you plant with your body straight parallel to the bottom of the pool floor.

When you approach the wall, you can set that up well. If you approach and you hit that tuck with a straight line. He did pretty solid there. Then as he’s going down to wait for his legs to hit, you can see how his arms don’t actually come back up towards the surface, which leads to him planting with his feet super high right here. So his push is going to be where his hands point. If his hands point down, he’s going to go down. If his hands point up, he’s going to go up. If they point straight back, then he’s going to go straight back.

So, as far as his approach is concerned, you can see that this last stroke here, you get a nice pull. This last one here, he kind of stops a hair short so he’s a tad close. And then yeah, his plant here is all sorts of wonky with where his fingertips are pointing. That leads to what we see here, a very deep push from this Turn.