Video Example – Deep Pushoff

Video Transcription: For her turn, she’s coming into the wall here. We talked about how on the approach, you want to finish both those strokes at your side.

See how she doesn’t quite get through that very last stroke. And then she’s got that Dolphin Kick to Freestyle combo. So she’s coming in the wall to Freestyle Kicks and then dolphins and then she flips herself over. Her approach definitely needs to be worked on. Her Flip has a really nice tuck there.

Then you’re going to see when she plants, she’s planted, but she’s got a little bit of an arch in that back there. That arch is going to have to flatten out as she pushes off. As she flattens out, you can see here how her line is pretty intense. Hopefully that’s what she wants to do. 

Hopefully she wants to stay under and have pretty good Dolphin Kicks. But you can see here how far she travels under the surface before she initiates her first kick. I’m not really sure that Dolphin Kicking is her wheelhouse because she probably would have kicked sooner if it was.

Overall, more important for her is the approach. Then a little bit of work is needed on the push off to fix how her back is situated.