Video Example – Gliding Into The Wall

Video Transcription: I added this video in here specifically because technically there is a little bit of delay between his last two strokes. He pulls down, then he pulls again, and he also stops the legs in the middle of those two pulls. So for him, this could be, to a stroke and turn official, a Non-continuous Turn.

Ideally we would want the strokes to be cycling one after the other and then going straight into the Flip from there. 

Right here he does his first stroke, then you see the legs are essentially stopping, then he goes into his second stroke, there’s a little bit of a pause, and then we go into the Flip. So it’s not so much a Non-continuous Turn to the point where you actually see a lot of distance and just kicking happening, but it’s still a little bit hairy on the delay there in the middle.