Video Example – Good 13 Year Old Backstroke Flip Turn

Video Transcription: Here’s a 13 year old boy. He’s got a pretty good backstroke turn in general. I really like this view because it’s a little bit under. He’s coming in. He’s working on, you know, rolling towards that open armpit, getting both of his hands to his side. He tucks his chin well here. Overall, his approach is pretty good.

When he flips and plants, you can see really nice, knees to chest there. Hits his feet on the wall. Boom. Straight back. That’s really beautiful. Space between the knees, space between the feet, kneecaps up, toes up, all that’s awesome.

The only thing that’s not awesome is on the front half here, where he’s having to wait for his streamline.

He does angle down on his push off to get into his dolphin kicks, which is great. Overall, really good turn, just needs to clean up a couple areas to get smoother in and out of that wall.