Video Example – Good Backstroke Turn

Video Transcription: Our last video. She’s pretty quick into the wall. This one is like more of the, hey, I think this is a pretty solid Turn.

She’s getting straight over. She goes right into that Flip and then she’s straight off the wall. Her second pull doesn’t finish on the long side. It’s a hair short. So that’s my biggest complaint when it comes to this Turn. You can see that here. The pull is about halfway through. Then as she starts to flip, she just stops that pull short. 

I’d like for her to work on finishing through both entire pull strokes so she can get the biggest bang of speed leading into the wall. As she comes off that wall, she’s really quick.

Overall, pretty solid Turn, and pretty solid gauge on distance. We would just need to work on making sure both of her two full pull strokes are actually finishing all the way back before she nails that Turn.