Video Example – Non Continuous Turn Above Water View

Video Transcription: This is the front part of a backstroke turn, or top part. What’s kind of cool about this, is in module one we talked about what a non-continuous turn is. A non-continuous turn is when you don’t make these movements in succession with each other.

As she’s coming into the wall, you get the ability to roll past vertical during this stroke here. As you roll past vertical, you’re going to get on your stomach. Once you’re on your stomach, they expect you to go straight into a flip turn.

But you can see, as even I’ve been talking here, her head has been facing the bottom of that pool floor for a really long time before now where she finally hits that flip. For practical purposes that flip did not happen directly after she got to her stomach. There was a delay.

From a rule book perspective this is considered a non-continuous turn. Sometimes they’re harder to see. They’re also kind of hard to call to be honest. It’s a bit subjective, but the purpose of that non-continuous turn rule is to make sure that you’re doing those steps in proper order one after the other.