Video Example – Overusing Hands

Video Transcription: The last and final video we have is kind of another odd, Freestyle Flipturn mistake, but very common. That’s when a swimmer is using their hand too much that they fly out of the water as she goes through her turn.

You’re going to see those hands move up and over. She finishes her flip and then both arms come out for a second to help bring her knees into the wall. As she flips and plants, she’s pretty close to being on her back. She’s a little bit tilted, but not as tilted as the girl we saw before her.

When she pushes off, she’s in a hurry. She pushes off and immediately gets towards her stomach as fast as she can. She doesn’t really spend any time on her back because she pushes off immediately and is on a side. There, she’s already hips down back to her stomach.

This is like an older swimmer style of pushing off with stomach intent. It’s really a Push-off on your stomach compared to my style of Flipturns, which have you coming in on your stomach, you flip, plant on your back, and then from there, you roll.