Video Example – Push-off on Back

Video Transcription: I picked three different videos of different people’s turns based off of a couple things that they’re doing good and a couple things that they could do better.

We talked about really pushing off on your back. This is technically an illegal Flipturn because she’s pushing off and staying on her back during that first Dolphin Kick. That shows that she doesn’t have the intent to roll until she’s really through almost that first Dolphin Kick. 

I added this in here for visual purposes. When you push off the wall here, you can’t be truly on your back. You have to be rolling towards the side. One of the hips has to be driving down like it is here. There’s a big difference with hip tilt there versus hip tilt here.

A stroke and turn judge could call her for staying too long on her back because your belly button hasn’t even passed that perpendicular angle to the water surface until she hits here. So if you’re starting to teach Flipturns where a swimmer is coming in freestyle, pushing off on their back, make sure that your swimmers are not actually doing any sort of underwater Dolphin Kicks on their back when they’re coming off of the wall.