Video Example – Push-off on Side

Video Transcription: This video combines a little bit of what we talked about in the last module. This swimmer is using her arms to get through the flip, but she’s definitely a Push-off on her side kind of gal. We’ve also got the Butterfly hands up top. 

If we slow that down, what we’re going to see is as she comes into the wall, she’s going to come into the wall here. Here she looks pretty solid. She could stay on her back, but at the very end of that Flipturn, we see a twist and now her feet are looking towards us. Her knees are looking towards us. When she pushes off, she’s going to have more variability in her Flipturn.

So if we look at the Push-off there, you can see that the body line is a little bit like a banana shape and that banana shape happens because of the way that she planted on the wall. We talked about variability. If you’re pushing off on your side, it doesn’t lead you to push off and go straight, which is something that we are looking for.

The goal with her would be to get her to stop the twist, which happens right at the very end. She’s on her back here. We want her to land on her back first, and then eventually start rolling towards her side and then over towards her stomach.