Video Example – Straight Arms

Video Transcription: As far as straight arms are concerned, straight arms are up over your head and they actually fly back into a streamline with no bend. You’ll see her swimming in with her freestyle pull. You’ll see bends in the elbows as she’s coming into the wall. As she actually comes into the wall here and initiates that flip, she brings everything in close. But you’re gonna see that the arms, which start at her side, as we talked about in the approach, they just fly straight as her body flips. The arms fly straight up over her head to find that streamline. And you can see there, her timing is pretty darn good because she’s in a streamline by the time her feet plant onto the wall. So if you want to do straight arms, you want to have your straight arms finished straight to your sides as you are finishing your two final pulls. Then from there you’re gonna swing them up over your head straight into a streamline, which once again is the fastest way to help get some aid from the arms for your flip turn, but it’s the hardest way to do it.