Video Example – Too Close to Wall

Video Transcription: All of these videos have some good things and then some not so good things. For this swimmer, as you can tell, she’s got a very, very close distance to the wall because she did one too many strokes. She’s a very tall 14 year old, so she’s getting used to the height and length of her body, which as you grow and as you develop as an age grouper, your stroke counts are going to change due to you elongating. Right now she’s taking four strokes, but really she needs to take three because she’s gotten taller. One less stroke will help her not be so jammed up against the wall here.

This type of jam from bum to wall is going to cause a not great Pushoff. She’s not going to feel super powerful when she pushes there.

Also because she took one too many strokes, you’re going to see this last and final stroke going into the wall is a baby stroke. If this is a Freestyle pull, we’re missing the very tail end of that Freestyle pull, which is where you get the most bang for your buck. So she didn’t really pull as much water as she could.

Now she’s jammed her wall. She’s not going to get a great push. All of these issues are going to compound on top of each other that she’s just overall not going to have a good turn.