Thanks so much for purchasing the 4-Month Technique Season Plan.

Below you will find a button that will immediately download your workouts. If the .pdf does not download, go up to the top right corner of your screen and look for a triple dot option and click on that. From there, you can either print or download the .pdf straight to your device of choice.

Keep in mind all the drill videos are LINKED in the .pdf itself. Each drill has its’ own separate drill video. Also, every day in the calendar you will see the energy system being trained first, the stroke specified for that day, and the drills we suggest.

Below is a video describing more on each of the 5 different energy systems, since it’s up to you to use your artistic ability to write a workout that focusing on whatever energy system you’re doing that day. The cool part about this plan is it’s a template to ensure you don’t have any missing pieces. But at the same time, it’s not a recipe either. If you stay consistent with this plan and advance your swimmers through it, you are guaranteed to see some results. 

Please, keep us posted on how it’s going by tagging us on social or sending Coach Abbie an email: [email protected].