4 Freestyle Kick Secrets

Welcome Back to Part II of our series on the Freestyle Kick! In today’s post, I’m hoping to give you a better overall idea of the Freestyle Kick mechanics – by giving you the 4 Freestyle Kick Secrets – you need to swim FAST. The Freestyle kick itself is nothing to technical, after all – […]

Your Kick Determines Your Swim Speed!

In Freestyle, the kick can generate up to 40% of propulsion of the entire stroke! I always tell my clients this when I work with them to help them put into perspective how IMPORTANT the Freestyle Kick is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-distance, sprinter, or middle distance Freestyler – your kick determines how […]

4 Common Swimming Injuries

Swimming is a very common and fun activity for many families. Millions of people, young and old, wait for the summers to go out and swim at their local pools. Most of them even start refilling and cleaning their personal pools early in the spring to prep for their upcoming pool parties. There is also […]

The Missing Link in Your Butterfly!

All – welcome back! Holy cow, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog. I’ve had a crazy start to 2021, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I have a ton of thoughts on our next series, but concluded on the missing link in Butterfly as we head into […]

I am Swammer! Now What?

When you have been a swimmer for as long as you can remember, it is hard to imagine a life without swimming and it is even harder to comprehend the amount of change that accompanies athletic retirement. Any life transition isn’t easy to navigate but one that happens so early in life when you are […]

How to ENSURE the BEST Pullout from a Swimming Crossover Turn?

Woof – it has BEEN a minute! What a wild and crazy end to 2020, and interesting start to 2021. I decided to take some time off for the holidays, and step away from my computer. It was a really needed break, but I am happy to be back on the horse. In today’s post, […]

Which Type of Crossover Turn is for YOU?

Woof – it almost feels like two lifetimes have passed since I wrote my last blog post. I’m happy to be back at it and ready to bring you all Part II of our series on Crossover Turns! In today’s post, we will be dissecting which TYPE of Crossover Turn is for YOU. If you […]

Pre Race Techniques for Swimmers

Pre-Race Rituals

We’ve all been there – sitting behind the blocks, stomach full of Butterflies, thinking about all the potential things that could go wrong in the race ahead. It’s normal. Yep, that’s right. To be nervous, is normal. Why? Because that means you care. Most swimmers who have big goals for themselves don’t go to practice […]

3 Different Types of a Crossover Turn

swimming pool

The Crossover Turn has made strides in the last decade of being the ‘Fastest Turn’ out there for the Backstroke to Breaststroke transition. The funny part is this type of turn was actually a progression from the many different styles of Backstroke Flipturns dated back to the 1970’s. Little did I know the rabbit hole […]

Resistance Exercises to Improve Your Swimming

Resistance Exercises

Any competitive swimmer can tell you how demanding the sport can be. It works every single part of your body from head to toe, and especially your core muscles. Not only does swimming stimulate muscle growth in your entire body, but it also works your heart (and burns as many calories) as running. Swimming is […]