Swimming workout plans for swimmers

Looking to add some new spice and zest to your swimming workouts? Don’t worry SLAF has you covered. We offer stroke specific swimming workout plans, that are easily accessible through your phone or device of choice!

Swimming Training plans For Swimmers

We offer 90-day swim training plans based on each stroke, plus – a Fundamental Freestyle course for Crossfit Athletes or the Beginner Swimmer! If you’re interested in purchasing all four stroke specific training plans, purchase our bundle package to receive 15% OFF!

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How to Swim a Faster FREESTYLE in 90-Days!

Swim a FASTER Freestyle in just 90-Days. This plan is full proof, bulletproof, and guaranteed to work. No matter what your goals are - hone in on the basics and all smaller details, as they will all pay off in the end!

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How to Swim a Faster BUTTERFLY in 90-Days!

There is no doubt that Butterfly is a hard stroke to swim. Our 90-plan is here to help you enjoy swimming Butterfly MORE at your next practice. Swimming a smoother Butterfly is more fun for you and your coach watching - take the next step today!

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How to Swim a Faster BREASTSTROKE in 90-Days!

Did you know there is more than ONE Breaststroke technique style? Do you know which one best suits you? Or which one you currently do right now? Answer all these questions and more using our 90-day training plan for Breaststroke today!

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How to Swim a Faster BACKSTROKE in 90-Days!

Backstroke is a great stroke to learn and compliment your Freestyle. There are so many foundational components that mirror Free, that make this stroke an easy one to add to your routine. Learn how to swim a FASTER Backstroke today!

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Crossfit Course

In this 35-day course, you will be coached through the basics of swimming to get your Freestyle stroke FASTER for your next Crossfit competition! Included in this course is a 35-day Basic Freestyle Fundamental progression, Instructional Technique Videos, Drill Videos, and more!

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Adult Learn to Swim Freestyle

Learning to swim as an adult is truly a humbling experience and finding good help online or in-person can be extremely difficult. Our 35-day plan is here to help improve your confidence in the water and get you comfortable floating, kicking, and eventually, full-blown swimming Freestyle!

15% OFF all 4 stroke courses

Purchase our bundle package and gain access to all 4 of our Individual Stroke Training Plans for Swimmers: How to Swim a Faster Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle and Receive 15% OFF!

Free Course: How to Swim In College

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