dan daly collaborative strength + technique training plans:

You probably know Dan and I from our Instagram collaborations over the years and we thank you for all the positive feedback. We wanted to take our collaboration a bit further and build out training programs that combines Dan’s knowledge with dryland training with our swim technique backbone. Check out our digital training plans below:

In order to swim with great technique, you have to be strong enough to maintain it.

Some coaches talk technique and others dryland, but have you ever tried to understand both? Here’s your chance! Dan Daly and I put together four short training programs for swimmers and coaches on the important technique and strength components of each swimming stroke. These programs are affordable and none of them last more than 2 weeks. 

Dan and I purposely made these programs short and sweet, so they can be done in conjunction with your current training routine. Our goal is to help you find the link between on-land training and the water, and better understand how to improve your weaknesses.

You will have lifetime access to all these training plans and will follow our daily posted workouts through our (free) app to help you along the way. If you’re looking to improve your knowledge about any of the four strokes, look below. 

Also, we do have a bundle package which gives you 20% OFF all 4 plans as well! Find out more about that below.

Lastly, if you are looking for any additional dryland related training resources, we also offer dryland specific training plans, weight training plans, and custom written strength and conditioning workouts for you and your team

Butterfly swimming in an outdoor pool.

Faster Fly in 14 Days

Start your 12-day journey aimed at refining your Butterfly stroke with our specialized swim and dryland program. This program is thoughtfully crafted for both simplicity and effectiveness. Each day’s agenda hones in on critical Butterfly techniques and offers a series of precise pool drills. These drills are expertly designed to enhance your stroke efficiency and propulsion in the water.

Back stroke swimming with Swim Like A. Fish.

12 Days to a Better Backstroke

Embark on a 12-day journey to enhance your Backstroke with our specialized swim and dryland program. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, each day of the program zeroes in on crucial Backstroke techniques, offering a series of targeted pool drills. These drills are meticulously crafted to boost your stroke efficiency and propulsion in the water.

Breaststroke swimming with Swim Like A. Fish.

14 Days to a Better Breaststroke

Be a part of our 14-day initiative crafted to enhance your Breaststroke efficiency and strength. This thoughtfully designed program integrates precise swim drills with strategic dryland workouts, all meticulously customized to match the unique requirements of Breaststroke swimming.

Perfecting the Freestyle Stroke with Swim Like A. Fish.

Improve Your 100 Freestyle in 10 Days

In 10 days, you can be faster. Consider the possibilities. Join us to delve into the fundamentals of the Freestyle stroke, from perfecting your streamline to maximizing your propulsive pull. We’ll also introduce you to specific dryland exercises aimed at prolonging your mastery of this exceptional technique.

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