Dryland Training plans for swimmers

At Swim Like A. Fish, we know most swim coaches aren’t versed with knowledge of how to effectively train swimmers on land. So, we are here to help bridge the gap between training your swimmer in water with a proper compliment of strength and power on land. Check out our Dryland Training Plans for Swimmers Today!

Swimmers need swim specific dryland workouts

With Dryland Training continuously proving to be a necessary component of a swimmer’s training program, we put together a 4 and 7 Month Dryland Season Plan to help get you (and/or your team) started.           

It’s important to note that each athlete is different, so that is why we created our dryland workouts for swimmers as more of a template that you can follow – while allowing you some autonomy to pick the ingredients. We want you to feel confident in the ingredients you chose for your swimmer’s dryland workouts, so leave the periodization and programming to us and go ahead/paint the masterpiece yourself!

Our dryland training plans include: weekly dryland workouts, a tested and proven dryland training progression, and access to hundreds of instructional exercise videos. We want to make sure you know the proper form for the exercises, before we set you loose!

If you are looking for any additional swimmer related training resources, we also offer video analysis, training plans for swimmers, and more.

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4-Month Dryland Season Plan

Includes: 4-Month Dryland Progression, 80 Prescribed Dryland Workouts, 30+ Exercise Videos and Instructions, and Training Load Recommendations.

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7-Month Dryland Season Plan

Includes: 7-Month Dryland Progression, 140 Prescribed Dryland Workouts, 40+ Exercise Videos and Instructions, and Training Load Recommendations.

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