Training Plans

Swim Like A. Fish helps swimmers get to the next level through our online, technique-based resources. Our goal is to help you understand what you need to do to swim FASTER, so you can get to your goals SOONER!

For Swimmers

Find a stroke specific training plan for any level of swimmer – including a beginner level Freestyle course for Crossfit athletes!

How to Swim a FASTER Butterfly in 90-Days!

Enjoy MORE of those laps at the pool that require you to swim Butterfly because of help from our 90-Day Butterfly Training Plan! Our plan includes 3 months of daily sets, tons of drill videos, instructional videos, test and retests, and much more!

How to Swim a FASTER Backstroke in 90-Days!

Swim Backstroke with more EASE and EFFICIENCY than ever! If you're looking to take your Backstroke to the next level, then this 90-Day plan is for YOU!

How to Swim a FASTER Breaststroke in 90-Days!

Get Your Breaststroke faster and easier with our 90-Day Training Plan. Did you know there is more than one Breaststroke technique style? Do you know which is best for you?

How to Swim a FASTER Freestyle in 90-Days!

The FIRST step-by-step guide to get you SWIMMING a FASTER Freestyle in just 90-Days. This course includes our PROVEN 90-Day Freestyle Technical progression, Tons of Instructional Technique Videos, Drill Videos, and more!

Crossfit Course

In this 35-day course, you will be coached through the basics of swimming to get your Freestyle stroke FASTER for your next Crossfit competition! Included in this course is a 35-day Basic Freestyle Fundamental progression, Instructional Technique Videos, Drill Videos, and more!

15% OFF all 4 stroke courses

Purchase our bundle package and gain access to all 4 of our Individual Stroke Training Plans for Swimmers: How to Swim a Faster Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle and Receive 15% OFF!

Free Course: How to Swim In College

Looking to learn how to swim in College?