Video Analysis Packages

Receive personalized coaching feedback on your swimming strokes with our selection of four distinct swimming video analysis packages. The best part? All our packages can be conducted virtually, regardless of your location in the world!


What is a Swimming Video Analysis Package?

A Swimming Video Analysis Package is your personalized coaching solution that leverages video and technique-focused feedback to enhance your swimming speed and efficiency. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of which drills to incorporate for your strokes or whether you’re syncing everything correctly – our packages address all these concerns.

Whether you’re a dedicated lap swimmer, an open water enthusiast, a triathlete, or a competitive swimmer at the highest level – we have a tailored video analysis package to suit your needs!

Analyses Available

4 types

We provide four distinct analysis packages, each designed to align with your unique needs and goals.

quick turnaround

Our analysis packages are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We understand the importance of timely feedback, and we strive to deliver results within 2-3 weeks.

delivered virtually

Access top-notch swim coaching no matter where you are in the world!

WHY trust US?

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to make you better. The proof is in the pudding and we can’t wait to help you on your swimming journey today.


Our coaching team boasts a collective experience of over 20 years in training athletes, encompassing various sports, not limited to swimming. Head Coach, Abbie Fish, holds a Masters in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Georgia, along with a C.S.C.S and personal training certification.

Remaining current with the latest training trends and comprehending the unique requirements of competitive swimming is what distinguishes us from other dryland training providers and coaches.


Having several Olympic Trial Qualifiers and retired National Team athletes as part of our team, we possess a deep understanding of the journey to the elite level. Swimming is a sport that demands unwavering dedication and can span a long, rewarding career. In fact, some of our own careers extended for more than 25 years!

When you choose to work with SLAF, you gain access to a wealth of experience from some of the finest athletes who have excelled at the highest levels themselves. They are eager to support and cheer you on as you navigate your own journey to success!

Abbie coaching a young swimmer at an indoor swimming pool.


Every member of our staff is currently or has been a coach at some point in their career. We could talk endlessly about different technique styles and trends. It’s often said that once you’re a swimmer, you’re always a swimmer, as the sport never truly leaves you once you hang up your cap and goggles. We can dive deep into swimming stats and geek out about your stroke, paying attention to even the smallest details to help you improve.


      • Recommended for: Lap Swimmers, Beginner Triathletes, Open Water Swimmers, and those coming back into the pool from injuries.
      • Includes: Analysis of 1 stroke of your choice. The analysis is done using the human eye through recorded video feedback.
      • Requirements: You need to provide your own above-water clips. Underwater clips are accepted, but not required.
      • Advantages: Reduce Surface Drag, Optimize Stroke Efficiency, Minimize Energy Usage, and Prevent Injuries.
      • Overall: Experience more efficient and enjoyable swimming!


  • Recommended for: Multi-Sport Athletes, Serious Triathletes, Masters Swimmers (Competing in Meets Every So Often), Age-Group Swimmers, and Serious Open Water Swimmers.
  • Includes: Analysis of 2 strokes of your choice. The analysis is conducted using the human eye through recorded video feedback.
  • Requirements: You need to provide your own above-water clips (a minimum of 2 videos, maximum 6). Underwater clips are welcome but not mandatory.
  • Advantages: Minimize Drag, Improve Stroke Efficiency, Decrease Energy Usage, and Prevent Injuries.
  • Overall: Enhance your swimming knowledge and perfect your strokes today!


  • Recommended for: Competitive Swimmers (Regularly Competing at Meets) – including Professional, Masters, NCAA Athletes, and Advanced Age-Group/Club Swimmers looking for that competitive advantage.
  • Includes: Analysis of two swim meet races of your choice. You can select either two different strokes or two different race distances (e.g., 100m Free & 200m Free) for analysis. Each race will be converted to a data sheet, displaying your race data through an excel spreadsheet.
    • If you have underwater footage, you can provide it, but it’s not mandatory and doesn’t have to correlate with your race.
    • Please, download the “Advanced” Analysis Rules and Procedures for more instructions on how to film for this analysis.
  • Race Data Includes: Breakout Times, Average Stroke Rate/Tempo, Cycle Count, Turn Time, Underwater Time, Split Time, and More.
  • Feedback: Provided through a Private 45-minute Coaching Session via Zoom with Head Coach, Abbie Fish. The package includes your recorded video consultation and two race data sheets containing your metrics, goal metrics, and additional notes related to each swim.
  • Requirements: You must supply your own race videos (recorded in landscape mode). These videos can be captured during practice, but ensure they are at 100% effort for accurate data.
  • Advantages: Reduce Drag in Water, Optimize Stroke Effectiveness, Conserve Energy, and Mitigate the Risk of Injuries.
  • Overall: Elevate your swimming performance!


  • Recommended for: Swimmers currently in-season with upcoming meets scheduled over the next 6 months.
  • Includes: 3 ADVANCED PACKAGES, scheduled over a 6-month timeframe, aligned with your meet schedule.
  • Race Data Includes: Breakout Times, Average Stroke Rate/Tempo, Cycle Count, Turn Time, Underwater Time, Split Time, and More.
  • Feedback: Provided through 3 x 45-minute Coaching Sessions with Head Coach, Abbie Fish. A printable data sheet accompanies each completed analysis.
  • Requirements: You must supply your own race videos (recorded in landscape mode). While it’s recommended, providing underwater footage is optional and doesn’t need to correlate with the race. Please download the “Advanced Analysis” Rules & Procedures for additional guidance.
  • Advantages: 35% OFF with this Bundle Package, Reduce Surface Drag, Enhance Stroke Efficiency, Decrease Energy Expenditure, and Prevent Injuries.
  • Overall: Accelerate your progress and stay on course to reach your goals!


How to Film:

To analyze your strokes effectively, we require video footage of your swimming. Here are the recommended angles for shooting your videos. You can capture these angles on your own, or if possible, enlist someone to assist with filming for better results

Sending In your film:

After you’ve recorded your video files, kindly share access to them by sending them to [email protected] via Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer.

Find answers to your questions below!

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Above Water Video Clips:

1.) Side View, Stationary Position

2.) Side View, Traveling

3.) Head On, Stationary Position 


Underwater Video Clips: 

1.) Side View, Stationary Position

2.) Head On, Stationary Position

3.) Side View, Traveling (only do this angle if you have or a friend has an extremely steady hand)

Please, shoot every video in landscape mode. Landscape mode helps compress the file into the software and makes it easier to see when reviewing.

Depends on the package, please read carefully the description of the package details you’re thinking of purchasing. All underwater footage is just supplementary and not required for any package – although if submitted, it will give us and you a much more thorough analysis.

Ideally, anywhere from :20 seconds to 3:00 minutes long.

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The consult is set up between our Technique Coach, Abbie Fish, and the client. Scheduling of the consult is based off both Abbie’s and the client’s schedule. The consults are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on Abbie’s work load, there may be a delay between purchase and consultation.

Anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Time depends on Abbie’s schedule. All analyses are done on a first come, first serve basis.

That is perfect. The underwater footage does not need to be of a specific distance.

No it does not. Anybody can benefit from getting their stroke analyzed. I encourage all non-competing masters swimmer or triathlete to get an analysis. Technique feedback helps reduce injury risk, increase your stroke efficiency, and helps you produce more power in the pool.

If you are a non-competing athlete, you can record races at practice. Just make sure if you buy the advanced package that your video clips are of a defined swimming distance though.

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