Video Analysis Packages

Get custom coaching feedback on your swimming strokes today with our four different styles of swimming video analysis packages. All of our packages can be completed virtually – no matter where you currently are in the world!


What is a Swimming Video Analysis Package?

A Swimming Video Analysis Package is a customized coaching approach using video and technique-oriented feedback to help you swim faster and with more efficiency. There is no more guessing on what drills to do for your strokes, or wondering if you’re synchronizing everything together correctly – we sort through all those questions in our packages.

No matter if you’re a lap swimmer, an open water swimmer, triathlete, or high-level competitive swimmer – we have a video analysis package customized for you!

Analyses Available

4 types

We offer 4 different types of analysis packages; all based on your current needs & goals.

quick turnaround

Each of our analysis packages are analyzed on a first come, first serve basis. We do realize you want your results quickly, so we try to keep the return time between 2-3 weeks!



delivered virtually

No matter where you are in the world, you NOW have access to great swim coaching!

WHY trust US?

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to make you better. The proof is in the pudding and we can’t wait to help you on your swimming journey today.


Our coaches on staff have over 20 years of coaching experience. From coaching college, club, working at the National Governing Body of Swimming in the USA, and running parts of different pro/elite squads, we’ve worked with all sides of the sport. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the trends, as we are constantly studying, researching and experimenting the best technique trends. We are confident we can help you get to where you want to go.


With multiple Olympic Trial Qualifiers and retired National Team athletes on staff – we understand what it takes to get to an elite level. Swimming is an honest sport, and requires an intense dedication. It’s also a sport that can be done over a long period of time. Some of our careers were 25+ years!

By working with SLAF, you have the opportunity to work with some of the best athletes who have been at the top themselves, and would love to be cheering from the slide line when you are too!


All of us on staff are currently or have been coaches at some point, and we could go on for days about different technique styles and trends. They say once a swimmer, always a swimmer – as the sport never truly leaves you once you hang up your cap and goggles. We all can throw some swimming stats at you like the best of them, while nerding about your stroke and those finicky little details to get you better.


      • Recommended for: The lap swimmers, beginner triathletes and open-water swimmers, or swimmers recovering from injury.
      • Includes: 1 stroke analyzed of your choice. Entire analysis is completed using the human eye, using recorded video feedback.
      • Requirements: you must be able to supply your own above water clips. Underwater clips are welcomed, but not necessary.
      • Advantages: Improve your stroke technique and efficiency, sustain a higher speed, and lower your injury risk.
      • Overall: Enjoy swimming more efficiently!


  • Recommended for:  Multi-sport athletes, triathletes, swimmers not competing regularly at meets, age-group swimmers, & open-water swimmers.
  • Includes: 2 strokes analyzed of your choice. Entire analysis is done with the human eye and includes video feedback.
  • Requirements: you must be able to supply your own above water clips (minimum of 2 videos, max 6). Underwater clips are welcomed, but not necessary.  
  • Advantages: Reduce your drag in the water, increase your stroke efficiency, prevent injuries, and swim smarter!
  • Overall: Gain more swimming knowledge and perfect your swimming strokes today!


  • Recommended for: Senior Level Competitive Swimmers – examples include: pro, masters, collegiate, and high level age-group and senior club swimmers looking for their competitive edge.
  • Includes: 2 swim meet races analyzed of your choice.  The client can pick either two different strokes or two different race distances (i.e. 100M Free & 200M Free) to be analyzed. Each race will be converted to a movie file, which will show your video in real-time including your race data (see example of Michael Phelps’s 200FL above)
    • If you’d like to supply underwater footage, it is recommended-but not required. The underwater footage will not correlate with your race, and that’s okay.
    • Please, download the “Advanced” Analysis Rules and Procedures for more instructions on how to film for this analysis.
  • Race Data Includes: Your Velocity, Average Stroke Rate, Distance per Stroke, Cycles, Turn Time, Underwater Time, etc.
  • Feedback: is delivered through a private 45-min Coaching Consultation Session via Skype with Technique Coach, Abbie Fish. Included in this package is your video consultation (recorded), 2x race video files with data, and a printable data sheet with your metrics, goal metrics, and other notes pertaining to each swim.
  • Requirements: You must be able to supply your own race videos (shot in landscape mode). The race videos can be taken at a practice – just make sure they are at 100% effort–otherwise, the data will be off.
  • Advantages: Reduce your drag in the water, increase your stroke’s efficiency, reduce your energy output level’s, and prevent injuries.
  • Overall: Improve your swim performance!


  • Recommended for: Swimmers currently in season and have upcoming meets over the next 6 months!
  • Includes: 3x ADVANCED PACKAGES; scheduled over a 6-month time period. The analyses and coaching consultation sessions will be scheduled around your meet schedule.
  • Race Data Includes: Your Velocity, Average Stroke Rate, Distance per Stroke, Cycles, Turn Time, Underwater Time, etc.
  • Feedback: is delivered through 3 x 45-min Coaching Consultation Sessions with Technique Coach, Abbie Fish. A printable data sheet will be given with each analyses completed.
  • Requirements: You must be able to supply your own race videos (shot in landscape mode). If you’d like to supply underwater footage, it is recommended–but not required. The underwater footage does not have to correlate with the race. Also, be sure to download the “Advanced Analysis” Rules & Procedures by [CLICKING HERE].
  • Advantages: Save money, reduce your drag in the water, increase your stroke’s efficiency, reduce your energy output, and prevent injuries.
  • Overall: Get to your goals faster and more on track!


How to Film:

In order to analyze your strokes, we need your swimming recorded on film. Here are the common angles we’d suggest for you to shoot from. All these angles, you can shoot from yourself or if you can recruit someone to help you film – that’d be even better.

Sending In your film:

Once you finish recording your video files, please send [email protected] access to those files either through Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or WeTransfer

Find answers to your questions below!

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Above Water Video Clips:

1.) Side View, Stationary Position

2.) Side View, Traveling

3.) Head On, Stationary Position 


Underwater Video Clips: 

1.) Side View, Stationary Position

2.) Head On, Stationary Position

3.) Side View, Traveling (only do this angle if you have or a friend has an extremely steady hand)

Please, shoot every video in landscape mode. Landscape mode helps compress the file into the software and makes it easier to see when reviewing.

Depends on the package, please read carefully the description of the package details you’re thinking of purchasing to see. All underwater footage is just supplementary and not required for any package – although if submitted, it will give us and you a much more thorough analysis.

Ideally, anywhere from :20 seconds to 3:00 minutes long.

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The consult is set up between our Technique Coach, Abbie Fish, and the client. Scheduling of the consult is based off both Abbie’s and the client’s schedule. The consults are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on Abbie’s work load, there may be a delay between purchase and consultation.

Anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Time depends on Abbie’s schedule. All analyses are done on a first come, first serve basis.

That is perfect. The underwater footage does not need to be of a specific distance.

No it does not. Anybody can benefit from getting their stroke analyzed. I encourage all non-competing masters swimmer or triathlete to get an analysis. Technique feedback helps reduce injury risk, increase your stroke efficiency, and helps you produce more power in the pool.

If you are a non-competing athlete, you can record races at practice. Just make sure if you buy the advanced package that your video clips are of a defined swimming distance though.

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