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Our goal is to help you understand what you need to do to swim FASTER, so you can get to your goals SOONER!

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At Swim Like A. Fish, we offer different, monthly coaching packages for swimmers all around the world.



Coach Abbie frequently travels all over the world to conduct different swim camps and clinics.

Free Course: How to Swim In College

Looking to learn how to swim in College?

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Dolphin Kick Mini Course

FREE Course

Did you know 2 out of the 3 things needed for a FAST Dolphin Kick actually have NOTHING to do with the kick itself?

Interested in learning more, enroll in my mini course on the dolphin kick below!

Is Rotated Required In Freestyle?​

FREE Course

Did you know that some of the WORLD’S BEST Swimmers are actually being told NOT to rotate in Freestyle?

If you didn’t, don’t worry–that’s exactly why I created this course. Enroll below to learn more!

Train Your Mental Game

FREE Webinar + Workbook

Looking to improve mental edge for this upcoming season? Be sure to check out this FREE 1-hour webinar replay I co-hosted with Olympian, Samantha Livingstone.

Samantha was also kind enough to create a workbook for you to use for the exercises she describes as you follow along!

stroke Analysis

FREE Basic Stroke Analysis

Get 3 quick tips on your swimming stroke to help take you to the NEXT LEVEL! Utilize this time away to GET BETTER! Challenge yourself to learn NEW THINGS! SNAG this offer while it lasts! This offer is brought to you by Swim Like A. Fish, an online, educational resource for swimmers and coaches.