Swimming Starts & Turn Courses

We are pleased to introduce specialized courses dedicated to starts and turns for all types of swimming races. These courses are accessible for purchase from anywhere around the globe, and we grant you lifetime access to their content.

Swimming Starts & Turn Courses for Coaches​

Select the specific Start or Turn you require assistance with, and we’ve got your needs covered. If you don’t find what you’re seeking just yet, feel free to send us an email!

Explore our specialized courses designed for swim coaches focusing on various swimming starts and turns. These courses cater to club swim team, high school, or masters coaches seeking to enhance their technical expertise and elevate their training methods for athletes. By enrolling, you are GUARANTEED to expand your knowledge base and stay current with the latest techniques taught to elite swimmers worldwide!

All our courses offer lifetime access, virtual delivery, and a certificate upon completion. While the duration of each course may vary, they typically average around 3 hours. You have the option to purchase individual courses or opt for our Start Course Bundle Package or Turn Course Bundle Package, saving you 20% on both courses!

Packed with valuable content, our courses feature over 50 instructional videos to provide you with a solid foundation in the fundamentals required to excel as a coach. Take the first step in your coaching journey and enroll today in our Start or Backstroke Courses!

Learn more about our Swimming Starts & Turn Courses for Coaches below:

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Basics of Starting 101 for Coaches

Improve your swimmer's race by zeroing in on the most important aspect of EVERY swimming race: The Start! Learn the best way for swimmers to setup, use their arms and legs, and the angle they should enter at!

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The Groundwork of Backstroke Starts for Coaches

Backstroke Starts are only used for two events and relays, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't know how to teach them!

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The Nitty Gritty Details of Freestyle Flipturns for Coaches

Let's deep dive into Freestyle Flipturns and explore what swimmers must OPTIMIZE for their Flipturns! In short-course racing, turns play a huge role, so start enhancing your turning skills today!

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The Nuts and Bolts of Backstroke Flipturns for Coaches

Let's analyze Backstroke Flipturns and their essential components every swimmer needs to optimize! These turns, like Freestyle, have their unique characteristics, so let's work on enhancing them today!

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Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of the Crossover Turn for Coaches

Learn how to best coach the Crossover Turn for your athletes, while discovering the hidden secrets of the turn itself. Fear teaching this turn no more and use this course as your tool for your team's success!

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Achieving Open Turns Mastery: Maximizing Wall Speed for Coaches

Join us as we break down the fundamentals of Open Turns, a critical skill for swimmers to master! Just like all transitions, these turns have their unique characteristics—let's elevate your skills today!


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Free Course: what is the proper age to teach a crossover turn?

hint: the answer is not that simple!