Swimming Stroke Courses

We offer stroke specific courses on every swimming stroke for coaches looking to up their game. Each of our courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

Swimming Courses for Coaches​

Pick the stroke(s) you need, or better yet – sign up for all 4!

Below you will find our courses geared towards swim coaches on all four of the swimming strokes. These courses are tailored to the club swim coach, high school, or masters coach looking to further their technical knowledge and elevate how you train and coach your athletes.  These courses are GUARANTEED to improve your knowledge base and get you up to date on what’s being taught to the best swimmers in the world today!

All of our courses include lifetime access, virtual delivery, and a certificate upon completion. Every course we offer differs in length, but they all average around 3 hours. You can buy each course individually, or you can purchase our bundle package – which saves you 20%!

Jam packaged with content, our courses include over 50 videos to give you a great foundation of the fundamentals needed to become a master coach to help your athletes succeed. Enroll today in one of our Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, or Butterfly courses!

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Fundamentals of Freestyle for Coaches

Improve your workouts for the most commonly trained stroke out there and get your swimmers swimming a more efficient Freestyle, FAST. Straight, High Elbow, or Hybrid - we cover it all!

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Foundations of Breaststroke for Coaches

Out of all the strokes, Breaststroke is the most variable. Learn the two main technical styles seen in Breaststroke currently, and how to better apply them to your level of swimmers!

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Principles of Backstroke for Coaches

Dive into the key components of a FAST Backstroke and how to relay them to your swimmers. This stroke has changed a lot over the past 20 years, so make sure your coaching is up to date today!

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Essentials of Butterfly for Coaches

Get your swimmers swimming a faster Butterfly stroke by having a better understanding of this stroke's technique, timing, and muscular endurance needed for a smooth Butterfly race.

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Free Course: is freestyle rotation required?

hint: the answer is not what you think!