Stroke Courses

Swim Like A. Fish helps coaches get to the next level through our online, technique-based resources. Our goal is to help you understand what you need to do to swim FASTER, so you can get to your goals SOONER!


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Fundamentals of Freestyle for Coaches

Know how to improve your workouts for the most commonly trained stroke out there and get your kids efficient and swimming Freestyle FAST.

Foundations of Breaststroke for Coaches

Understand the two main technical styles of Breaststroke and how to better apply them to your swimmers.

Principles of Backstroke for Coaches

Learn how to coach your swimmers to FASTER Backstroke and how this long-axis stroke has changed throughout the years.

Essentials of Butterfly for Coaches

Get your swimmers swimming a faster Butterfly stroke by having a better understanding of this stroke's technique, timing, and muscular endurance needed for a smooth Butterfly race.

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