12-week shoulder health program

Let us help you swim faster with less pain through our 12-week Shoulder Health Program made in conjunction with our partners: Crossover Symmetry!

in order to train the way you want to, you have to have strong shoulders.

To elevate your swimming performance to the next level, maintaining strong and healthy shoulders is paramount. Our comprehensive 12-week program is meticulously designed to enhance your strength, mobility, and endurance. With step-by-step instructions and four distinct phases spanning three months, this plan addresses mobility issues, corrects stroke imbalances, fortifies your catch, and amplifies power for an improved Freestyle pull. Each exercise is accompanied by an instructional video to ensure proper form and technique. Get ready to enhance your performance, reduce discomfort, and swim your way to success.

If strengthening your shoulders is not your number one priority, we also offer dryland specific training plans, weight training plans, and custom written strength and conditioning workouts for you and your team

Crossover Symmetry Shoulder Health Program

Embark on a 12-week transformative journey focused on bolstering your shoulder strength and enhancing your Freestyle pull. This program is intentionally crafted for both simplicity and efficacy. Each day of the program is dedicated to vital shoulder health exercises, providing a systematic and progressively structured path to achieving swifter and more efficient swimming.

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