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Swim clinics are a great way to take the sport (and your coaching education) to the next level – especially with professionals like us.

Interested in custom swim clinics?

Coach Abbie frequently travels all over the world to conduct different swim clinics, talks at coaching conferences, and conventions that are professional and loved by every swimmer and coach.

Instead of creating an annual calendar with a bunch of clinic dates, we work with our teams and their staff or governing body to create a custom opportunity for each group. Each clinic is tailored to that team’s goals and needs. Clinics will vary in length from 2-days to weekends to full weeks – depending on pool availability, travel time, number of swimmers and coaches, and topics to be covered at the clinic.

The biggest difference we see between a Swim Clinic and a Swim Camp – is a clinic works with the current coaches on staff to further their coaching education, along with potentially working with their swimmers. This can mean home coaches and/or coaches from neighboring teams shadowing Coach Abbie and the other SLAF coaches staff on deck and/or talks given to coaches in a classroom type setting (or even on Zoom)! We’ve worked many swim clinics, where we give presentations or talks to the staff between coaching sessions. The presentation and way the coaching education piece is added into your Swim Clinic this is 100% customizable to you and your team’s needs. We had requests to run the clinics alone, and we are up to whatever task – as long as we know we are meeting your needs! 

The goal behind each our of Swim Clinics is to help further your swimmer’s and your staff’s education on stroke technique, so instead of traveling to a conference – you have one right in your home pool with your kids. Swim Clinics are 100% a continuing education opportunity for a coach, and also a nice switch up from their regular schedule as well.

The SLAF team can conduct Swim Clinics at their own home-pools as well. Currently, Abbie works out of two pools in Louisville, KY and Key Largo, FL. To request a custom Swim Clinic – and see if the dates you have available will work for Coach Abbie and the SLAF team- email [email protected].

If you’re looking to attend a swim camp or request swim lessons for own your individual swimmer or give to your team, Swim Like A Fish also offers custom swim camps, small group, and 1:1 lessons geared towards helping athletes of all kinds.

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continuing education for coaches

As we said above, we do often speak to different coaching staffs, LSCs, and at various conferences and other swim clinics. You can see here where all Coach Abbie has spoke and has been featured in. If you’re looking for more of a continuing education opportunity that is customized for you or your coaching staff, email [email protected] with your thoughts. We do offer our stroke specific coaching courses, which is a great way for any coach to learn more at a much lower price point than in-person – but if you’re looking for something even more specific and in further depth than our courses – say a presentation on Breaststroke Pullouts, we’ve got you covered and send us an email!


why us?

At Swim Like A. Fish, we are a group of expert coaches that specialize in technique training. Our goal is to make sure that you continue upping your coaching education with the most up to date trends, research, and data out there.

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