Dryland training & Strength training services

At Swim Like A. Fish, we recognize that Dryland Training can sometimes take a backseat amidst the demands of daily practice. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a range of Dryland and Strength Training Services for swimmers and swim teams, both in-person and virtually. Our goal is to help you build strength and enhance your performance this season.

Dryland Workouts for Swimmers

The combination of exceptional pool technique and off-pool strength development is the winning formula for swimmers aiming to secure victories and achieve personal bests. Dryland workouts are the key to making significant strides in the pool. At SLAF, we recognize that not all coaches are well-versed or enthusiastic about the technical aspects of Dryland training that swimmers need to build strength and prevent injuries.

Our Dryland Training Plans for Swimmers, along with our Dan Daly Collaborative Dryland and Swim Technique Training Plans, offer comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by swim coaches and swimmers in the realm of Dryland Training. We believe that Dryland Training should be both convenient and enjoyable, and our products reflect this philosophy, being accessible from anywhere in the world.

For those looking to take their Weight Training to the next level, our Weight Training Plans provide a comprehensive 20-week training guide. We also offer individualized focus through our Custom Strength and Conditioning Workouts and 1:1 Virtual Training for Swimmers. If you’re seeking assistance in the area of Dryland Training, you’ve come to the right place.

A Swim Like A. Fish swim coach in a bridging position during a dry land workout.


Take the guess work out of your team’s Dryland Training Progression and grab one of our season plans!

Dryland and technique training plans from Abbie Fish and Dan Daly.


Dan Daly and I created a training plan for each stroke. These plans are short, sweet, and effective.

A Swim Like A. Fish swim coach lifting weights during a dryland training routine.


Snag our 5 month weight training program with options for either two or four workouts per week!



Get customized workouts delivered to your inbox every Tuesday, helping you get stronger and faster in the pool!

Custom strength and conditioning workouts for swimmers from Swim Like A. Fish.


Get the luxury of a personal trainer all from the convenience of your own home!

Free Course: How to Swim In College

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Train Your Mental Game

FREE Webinar + Workbook

Looking to improve mental edge for this upcoming season? Be sure to check out this FREE 1-hour webinar replay I co-hosted with Olympian, Samantha Livingstone.

Samantha was also kind enough to create a workbook for you to use for the exercises she describes as you follow along!

Dolphin Kick Mini Course

FREE Course

Did you know 2 out of the 3 things needed for a FAST Dolphin Kick actually has NOTHING to do with the kick itself? Improve your dolphin kick with our free mini course!

Are your shoulders healthy enough for swimming?

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There’s so much talk in the swimming world about the High Elbow Catch, but did you know in order to achieve a High Elbow Catch you must have a certain amount of mobility and strength in your shoulders. Test yours today!

Swim stroke Analysis

FREE Basic Stroke Analysis

Get 3 quick tips on your swimming stroke to help take you to the NEXT LEVEL! Challenge yourself to learn NEW THINGS and hear advice straight from the experts. Sometimes it takes a different way of saying or hearing something to make the change happen!