Part II: Focus on Your Second Dolphin Kick

Welcome to Part II of our VLOG series on the Butterfly stroke. Last week, we discussed and analyzed flying forward in the pool and not diving down. This week, we will dive deeper into the Butterfly kick and discuss why constantly kicking in fly is key and WHY your second dolphin kick is more important than the first kick! […]

Part I: Don’t Dive Down—Fly Forward!

Welcome to my first ever V.A.Log—aka Video Analysis Blog. With this new series, we are going to dissect different aspects of the Butterfly stroke. For our first part, we are looking specifically at the undulating motion in fly—why this matters, what you can do to get better with undulating, and common mistakes made within the undulating motion […]

Part III: What Do Crossfit Swim Workouts Look Like?

Welcome Back! Last week, we discussed the THREE common errors seen in many Crossfit Freestyler’s Strokes. If you haven’t read Part II of this series, [CLICK HERE]. For Part I, [CLICK HERE]. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed writing this series because we are targeting a new audience–with some not so “new” information. All of the errors from Part II are […]

Part II: 3 Common Errors Made By Crossfitters During the Freestyle Stroke

Welcome back! Last week, we discussed why swimming is a GREAT compliment to Crossfit and how swimming will actually improve your fitness and Crossfit level. In case you missed Part I of this series, [CLICK HERE]. This week, we are going to discuss THREE of the common errors seen in most Crossfit Freestyler’s Strokes! All of these errors are universal […]

3 Ways Swimming will IMPROVE your Crossfit Game

Since the Crossfit games started in 2011, swimming has been involved in one of the events. Some of the events even include a combination of swimming and running–really working your aerobic engine! There are very few athletes (besides swimmers, divers, and maybe a few other recreational water sports) that are born with the natural ability to float […]

Part IV: The 4 Most Common Backstroke Technique Errors:

Welcome back to the last and final segment of our Backstroke series. For today’s post, we are going to discuss the 4 MOST common Backstroke technique errors. If you haven’t read Part’s 1-3, I’d highly recommend going back and reading them. Here are the links: Part I: [CLICK HERE] Part II: [CLICK HERE] Part III: [CLICK HERE] Let’s […]

Part III: The Best Backstroke Breathing Pattern is…

Welcome back to our 3rd segment of our Backstroke Series!  Last week, we dove into the MAJOR difference between the Backstroke and Freestyle strokes. This week, we are going to discuss when to breathe during backstroke, and the benefits of a consistent breathing pattern. In case you missed last week’s post, click here to learn about the major […]

Part II: Backstroke Pull (Analysis)–Tips & Tricks

Welcome back to Part II of our Backstroke Technique Series! Last week, we dove into how Backstroke and Freestyle are fundamentally similar. This week, we are going to discuss the one MAJOR difference between these two strokes and how if you can master this difference–you will swim a FASTER Backstroke. Get ready for the most lucrative Backstroke Pull Analysis! If […]

How to Swim a Faster Backstroke, by Understanding Freestyle:

Backstroke can be a challenging stroke, even for those swimmers who have already mastered Freestyle. The Backstroke stroke is often misleading to a Pro-Freestyler due to the fact it’s VERY fundamentally similar to Freestyle. Just because you’ve conquered Freestyle, doesn’t mean your Backstroke will come easy. In our next series, I plan to explain THREE ways these two strokes […]

Part III: Start Breakdown: A “Butterfly” Versus a “Sling-Shot” Start

Welcome back to Part III of our starts series! Two weeks ago, we discussed what the BEST possible “take your mark” position a swimmer could get in. This week, we are going to dive deeper into the differences between a “butterfly” and a “sling-shot” start—that way you can decide which starting technique (in relation to the arm […]

Part II: How to Properly Setup for a Track Start

Welcome back to Part II of our starts series! Last week, we discussed how using your arms while performing a track start generates the MOST propulsion of any starting technique out there. This week, we are going to dive deeper into what proper block setup looks like for a track start. We will be breaking down […]

Engage Your Arms On Your Starts!

Welcome back to our new technique series on starts! First off, I would like to apologize for my lack of posts recently. My house was destroyed by Hurricane Irma, so I was offline dealing with that and moving myself into a new place. Overall, the rebuilding process has been moving along fairly quickly–but this whole disaster is […]