Part III: Dolphin Kick is Hard, Really Hard.

Welcome back! Thank you for being patient during our week off from our Dolphin Kick series. Last week, instead of releasing a blog on Swim Like A. Fish, SwimOutlet posted an article I wrote called “How to Surf on Your Bow Wave” to their blog! This post is still jammed pack full of information! If you haven’t […]

The Fine Line Between Distance Per Stroke and Stroke Rate:

For our next technique series, I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of talking about one specific piece of the pie, let’s look at the pie as a whole. Most swimmers as they progress with the sport start gaining an understanding of their distance per stroke (DPS) and Stroke Rate (SR). Manipulating these […]

Part II: I have my Underwater Camera, but now what?

For those of you that took the plunge and brought an underwater camera after last week’s post—awesome job! This week, I detail a step-by-step guide on how to maximize your underwater camera’s ability and get the best VIDEO possible of your swimmer’s strokes! We will be using the GoPro Hero Session as our example camera for this week’s […]

The Best Way to Film Underwater:

One of the best ways to receive technical feedback is through video analysis. Have you ever wondered what is the best angle to film a swimmer from? How deep you should put your camera? Where should the swimmer be in the frame? In our next series, we can plan to cover what is the BEST way to […]

The “Right” Way to Pull in Freestyle:

From USA Swimming to SwimOutlet to FlowSwimming, many masterminds behind stroke technique have delineated the best way to pull in Freestyle. From the S-Pull to a Straight Arm, Hybrid, or High Elbow Catch (EVF)—it seems there is NO universal opinion on which pulling technique is optimal for swimmers. The purpose of this week’s blog post is to bring you the 10 BEST Stroke Technician’s […]

Part III: What’s the Big Toe Have to do with Freestyle Kicking?

Welcome to our last and final segment on our feet. Last week, we discussed why our two toe tests can deduct any possible restrictions in your Spinal (Fascial) line and also, what to do to “break” up these restrictions. This week, we plan on going more in depth on how these tests works and what role our […]

The Best Way to Sleep with Sore Shoulders:

If you are a swimmer, you’ve definitely experienced sore shoulders and/or shoulder pain. With the nature of sport (predominately) in the forward range of motion, most swimmers experience some sort of shoulder dysfunction within their career. Since this soreness is often inevitable, wouldn’t you love to know a way to decrease your soreness level, but […]