Why Do You Need a Swim Buoy for Open Water Swimming?

Not many experiences can rival open-water swimming. It’s just you and endless horizons of water and fresh air. Unless you participate in a triathlon, there will be no crowd. Therefore, it is an activity that will not only allow you to spend all the calories you consume throughout the day, but you can also have […]

Open Water Swimming Safety: What are the Essential Items?

Open water swimming is one of the most interesting disciplines when discussing water sports. As with any other discipline, it has its string of challenges. However, when you compare it to some other similar disciplines, that list is significantly longer. Athletes must endure numerous challenges, like underwater obstacles, waves, low temperatures, undertows, and drop-offs. Awareness […]

6 Tips on How to Conquer Fear of Open Water Swimming

Extreme fear of water is one of the commonest ones out there. So, people who have this sort of fear should know that they are not alone. Several studies have shown that little over 14 million people worldwide don’t feel comfortable in the water. However, staying out of the water means you will miss a […]