4 Short-Cuts To A FAST Crossover Turn

Have you ever watched a swimmer execute a Fast Crossover Turn and felt a sense of awe? A great Crossover Turn looks completely smooth without any pause. It can leave the observer scratching their head and saying “how did they do that?!” On the flip-side, have you ever watched a swimmer come into the wall […]

New Course Alert! Coaching The Backstroke and Freestyle Flipturn

Welcome back, swim coaches! I’ve got a self-assessment question for you to answer. If you were watching video analysis footage of 5 different swimmers Flipturning, would you be able to identify the Good Flipturns from the Bad Flipturns? Beyond that, would you be able to explain WHY they were good and bad? If you can’t, […]

3 Steps to A KILLER Swimming Warm Up

Swimming Warm Up is notoriously a swimmer’s least favorite part of practice. There’s a lot of friction surrounding the transition from whatever they were doing before showing up at the pool to becoming set and focused for practice. Swimming Warm Ups need to check a lot of boxes. It can help a swimmer to know […]

Swimmer Motivation Through The Ups and the Downs

For many swimmers around the world, a new season has just begun! A new season brings with it a rush of excitement, joy, and yes… motivation. It can be really easy to set high goals and expectations for ourselves as swimmers and coaches at the beginning of the season. Oftentimes school hasn’t quite started yet, […]

3 Steps to Coaching Age Group Swimmers the Crossover Turn

Coaching Age Group Swimmers the Crossover Turn can be a challenging process. It’s not a turn that’s “intuitive,” plus it’s been constantly evolving over the past few decades. That means it’s important for us coaches to stay up to date on the fastest way to get from Backstroke to Breaststroke AND the best way to […]

Your Swim Kick Should Be Your Secret Weapon

swimmers at an indoor swimming pool

Is there anything more painful than feeling your legs BURN at the end of a 200? It’s incredibly painful because the 200 is a race that requires you to use your legs at full speed… the whole time! In order to kick a full 200, swimmers must be well-trained at kicking! Unfortunately though, training a […]