4-Month Technique Season Plan


The 4-Month Technique Season Plan is tailor-made for teams embarking on a competitive summer season, typically spanning from May to August. This plan offers adaptability should your season fall outside of this timeframe.

Within this Season Plan, you will receive a monthly calendar meticulously outlining daily directives, including the targeted energy system, stroke emphasis, and recommended drills. By investing in this Season Plan, you’ll ensure a balanced progression for your swimmers throughout the entire training season, encompassing both the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Leave the complexities of science and periodization to us. Instead, use our comprehensive 4-month template as your canvas to unleash your creativity when designing sets for your team!

Course Duration

20 hours – yet, in reality, it’s merely the total program duration. You can actually dedicate just 20 seconds each day to review our recommendations, then head to the drawing board. This plan essentially serves as a framework for what to do and concentrate on, although it doesn’t include specific written sets.

  • 67 Drill Videos
  • 1 Intro Video
  • 1 Energy System Videos
Abbie cheering young swimmers up during a swim camp.
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4 Month Season Plan Review:

I was a D1 swimmer like yourself and thought I knew everything about swimming. When I started coaching, I slowly realized how WRONG I was. I first started with high school, but most of my kids would quit the local club teams claiming that they liked being coached by me - a huge compliment. A local opportunity came up for club coaching and I took it. 
Planning for a high school season was doable - I could figure out the three months and had a general understanding of what things they needed to do. 
My first season of club coaching was okay - but I was SO overwhelmed with planning and wasn't quite convinced what I was giving them was what they needed. Sure, they were getting faster, but I knew I was missing something. 
When I finally bit the bullet and purchased your plan at the end of the summer - my kids began to FLY. Their strokes got better, their times got faster, and these results were CRAZY! 
I was still able to create my own workouts, but had a little bit of guidance on what they should be doing, and when in the season they should be doing it. 
Here are four swimmers you can clearly see how the program benefitted them: 
Thank you! I now have the guidance to plan, but also cater to my teams needs.

Emma Lythgoe (Head Coach)

Pleasant Valley Swim Team

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