4-Month Technique Season Plan


The 4-Month Technique Season Plan is tailor-made for teams embarking on a competitive summer season, typically spanning from May to August. This plan offers adaptability should your season fall outside of this timeframe.

Within this Season Plan, you will receive a monthly calendar meticulously outlining daily directives, including the targeted energy system, stroke emphasis, and recommended drills. By investing in this Season Plan, you’ll ensure a balanced progression for your swimmers throughout the entire training season, encompassing both the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Leave the complexities of science and periodization to us. Instead, use our comprehensive 4-month template as your canvas to unleash your creativity when designing sets for your team!

Course Duration

20 hours – yet, in reality, it’s merely the total program duration. You can actually dedicate just 20 seconds each day to review our recommendations, then head to the drawing board. This plan essentially serves as a framework for what to do and concentrate on, although it doesn’t include specific written sets.

  • 67 Drill Videos
  • 1 Intro Video
  • 1 Energy System Videos
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