8-Month Technique Season Plan


The 8 Month Technique Winter/Fall Season Plan is ideal for teams running a competitive summer season from August- March. This plan can be adaptive if your season does fall outside of that timeframe though. In this Season Plan, you will be provided with a monthly calendar that outlines a daily prescription on which energy system should be worked, the stroke focus, and what drills we suggest to work on that stroke focus. Investing in this Season Plan ensures you evenly progress your swimmers through a full season training, not just the aerobic system but their anaerobic as well. Leave the science and periodization to us and use our 8-month template to take your paintbrush to the drawing board and get creative with your team’s sets!

Course Duration

35 hours – but the reality is it’s just the duration to complete the program. It can take you just 20 seconds everyday to look at what we have prescribed and then you go to the drawing board. This plan is basically an outline of what to do and focus on, but without any written sets.

  • 67 Drill Videos
  • 1 Intro Video
  • 1 Energy System Videos
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