Adult Learn to Swim Freestyle Course

Are you interested in upping your swim workout routine and/or learning something new? This course will be perfect for you! Our Adult Learn to Swim Freestyle Course is tailored to anyone looking to learn the Fundamentals of Freestyle and improve their confidence in the water.






Skill Level

6 Hours





Learn the Fundamentals of Freestyle in our Adult Learn to Swim Freestyle Course. Our goal through for our Adult Learn to Swim Freestyle Course is to take where you’re currently at with swimming and build upon your foundation.

In this course, we break down the Freestyle stroke into bite-size chunks making it easy to follow and learn. This course does not require that you have prior swimming experience, but we do ask that you are already comfortable walking into waist deep water. 

Throughout the 35 days, you will advance through 5 different modules both in and out of the water. The modules include breathing, kicking, pulling, rotation, and body alignment. By the end of our 35-day course, you should be able to float on your own, know all the components that make up a good Freestyle stroke, and know how to better leverage your mass in the water! 

So whether you’re looking to spruce up your Fundamentals and/or looking to learn to swim from scratch, completing this course will help you achieve a smooth and efficient Freestyle stroke!

Completing This Course Will Help You
  • Improve your relationship with the water and gain MORE confidence for your next swim or competition
  • Learn how to USE your body to move EFFORTLESSLY through the water
  • Figure out the proper way to BREATHE while in the water to avoid panic and WASTING excess energy
  • Create a MIND and MUSCLE connection that can be utilized during other athletic activities

Course Content

Adult Learn to Swim Freestyle Intro
Module #1
Module #2
Module #3
Module #4
Module #5
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