Crossfit Course

Avid gym goer, but rarely swim? This course is for you! Our Crossfit course is tailored to the functional athlete, who has some experience with on-land activities, but rarely has any time set out in the schedule to be in the water. We’d appreciate if you were already water comfortable when you start this course, but that is not a requirement. Depending on your current swimming ability level though, if you start from a higher level (already can tread and float) – your rate of improvement will be that much quicker!






Skill Level

6 Hours





Smoke your competitors at your next Crossfit competition with our 35-day swimming course. Our goal is to take you where you’re currently at with swimming and build upon your foundation. During our 35-day course, you will be advancing through 5 different modules. The modules include breathing, kicking, pulling, rotation, and body alignment. By the end of our 35-day course, you should be able to float on your own, know the fundamentals of a good Freestyle stroke, and know how to better leverage your mass in the water!

Completing This Course Will Help You
  • Improve your relationship with the water and gain MORE confidence for the next time a swimming WOD comes your way!
  • Learn how to USE your STRENGTH in the gym and transfer that to the Pool!
  • Figure out the proper way to BREATHE while in the water to avoid panic and WASTING excess energy?
  • How to use those strong legs to your ADVANTAGE to finesse your body down the pool!
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