Foundations of Breaststroke for Coaches

This course is tailored to any swim coach looking to continue furthering their technical knowledge and education. Our goal is to help you advance your program and get your swimmers faster, sooner.






Skill Level

6 Hours





Unlock the secrets of a FAST Breaststroke with our comprehensive stroke analysis course tailored specifically for Breaststroke enthusiasts. This course is meticulously designed to deconstruct the Breaststroke into three core modules: Kick, Pull, and Undulation. Within each module, you’ll gain invaluable insights through diverse video analyses featuring Breaststroke strokes executed by swimmers spanning the spectrum, from talented age-group athletes to elite Olympians.

With over 50 lessons to delve into, including module quizzes and a comprehensive final exam, you’ll emerge from this course equipped with a profound understanding of what it takes to master a faster and more proficient Breaststroke!

Completing This Course Will Help You
  • Understand the 2 Main Technical Styles of Breaststroke.
  • Gain a BETTER Foundation for Understanding the Mechanics of a Breaststroke Kick
  • Better TEACH Breaststroke Timing and Tempo to Your Swimmers
  • Be Better Prepared On How to Incorporate the Right Volume of Hypoxic Training Needed for Your Breaststrokers.
Swimmer in a pool wearing a swim cap and goggles.
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