How to Swim a Faster FREESTYLE in 90-Days!

This course is tailored to any swimmer – whether you have goals competitively, for fitness, open water, or even triathlons. We have one prerequisite though and that is you already know how to swim one-lap of Freestyle. Our goal is to take your current Freestyle stroke and make it more efficient and faster after these 90-days.






Skill Level

15 hours





Elevate your Freestyle to an elite level with our transformative 90-day program! Our primary objective is to enhance your overall speed in Freestyle by methodically dissecting and concentrating on its five crucial technical components: body alignment, kick, rotation, pull, and tempo.

Over the span of 90 days, we’ve meticulously curated a daily training routine that effortlessly integrates into your existing workout plan. Each daily session is designed to be completed in under 10 minutes, featuring a specific goal and focus.

What sets our program apart is the inclusion of a test set both at the commencement and conclusion of each focus area. This invaluable tool allows you to accurately gauge your progress as you progress through our 90-day plan.

The cornerstone of our program is unwavering consistency. Prepare to fully commit to this intensive 90-day journey, which guarantees rapid and substantial enhancements in your Freestyle prowess!

Completing This Course Will Help You
  • Leave this program with a more EFFICIENT and FASTER Freestyle stroke!
  • Learn how to properly TIME the kick with the pull in Freestyle!
  • What are the secrets to a GREAT Freestyle Kick?
  • Answer whether or NOT you’re actually pulling with a TRUE high-elbow!

Course Content

Introduction to Training Plan!
Module #1
Module #2
Module #3
Module #4
Module #5
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How to Swim a Faster FREESTYLE in 90-Days!

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