Principles of Backstroke for Coaches

This course is tailored to any swim coach looking to continue furthering their technical knowledge and education. Our goal is to help you advance your program and get your swimmers faster, sooner.






Skill Level

3 hours





Learn what a FASTER Backstroke should look like and entail with our stroke analysis course. In this course, we will be breaking down the Backstroke stroke into 3 modules: Pull, Kick, and Rotation. Included in each module are different video analyses of swimmer’s Backstroke strokes. Videos include strokes from age-groupers all the way to our Olympians. There are over 40 lessons in this course, including module quizzes and 1 final exam.

Completing This Course Will Help You
  • Teach a FASTER Backstroke stroke because of gaining a better understanding of how the core, kick and pull work together.
  • Learn WHY rotation is SUCH an important part of this stroke!
  • How the Backstroke pull has CHANGED over time from a deep to a more shallow/bent elbow pull.
  • Learn if a 6-beat kick REQUIRED in Backstroke?

Course Content

Backstroke Kick
Backstroke Pull
Backstroke Rotation
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