At Swim Like A. Fish, we know all swim coaches aren't versed with knowledge of how to effectively train swimmers on land. 

So we decided it would be BEST to give you a BLUEPRINT on how to effectively progress your swimmers through a weight training routine. Learn all about our 20-Week Weight Training Program, which includes a 2-Day and 4-Day a week option, below!





We offer both a 2-workout and 4-workout per week option in our plan. We understand each team has different needs and time constraints, so feel free to pick the plan that BEST suits you. Each workout will take you NO LONGER than 45 minutes!

Make sure your swimmer's stay safe, by watching our exercise demonstration videos! Each video takes you through a step-by-step instruction of how to complete the exercise. Along with key points to pay attention to while your coaching your swimmers!

Included in each plan are 4 phases: Pre-Conditioning, Hypertrophy, Strength, and Power, which we will progress your swimmers through. For each workout, you will have the rep scheme, exercises, and rest recommendations. Along with, exercise description and video to explain to you HOW and WHY this exercise matters to your swimming!


Includes 4 Periodized Phases: Pre-Conditioning, Hypertrophy, Strength, and Power

Includes 4 workouts or 2 workouts per week!

Over 40+ Instructional Exercise Videos + Demonstrations

Sets, Exercises, Reps, and Rest Prescribed

Lifetime Access

No Continual Monthly Fees

"This is EXACTLY the blueprint I was looking for as a young coach. If I would have gotten 20-weeks of a weight program when I was younger -- it would have allowed me to see and understand better how on-land training works. Along with some key exercises and technique points to pay attention to as well.  This is a great training plan and continuing education opportunity for coaches all coaches!"

Jerry Champer

Assistant Coach, University of Georgia Swim Team

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Pick Your Plan

Start Learning

See Results!

Pick between the 2x or 4x workouts per week option -- depending on your team's needs and time constraints.

Review, watch, and start implementing your new plan today! Remember with each purchase, you receive LIFETIME access to your plan!

You will be amazed at the results you see. Swimmers are athletes, so treating them as such will increase their abilities in the pool!


12+ Years Coaching Experience

Elite Swimming Experience

We are Coaches Ourselves

Our coaches on staff have a combined experience of over 12 years of training athletes -- not just swimmers. Head Coach, Abbie Fish, has her Masters in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Georgia -- along with, her C.S.C.S and personal training certification. 

Staying up to date on the best training trends, but also understanding the demands of the sport of swimming is what sets us apart from other dryland training companies. 

Our coaches on staff are some of the best, and we understand what it takes to get there. Swimming is an honest sport, and requires an intense dedication. We know what it takes to be at the top, and we'd love to be sitting in the stands when you do too.

All of us on staff are currently or have been coaches at some point. We understand the coaching grind, and the lack of time coaches have to really prepare or continually learn. They say the best coaches are the ones who stay students. 

By purchasing this plan, you are committing to improving your skillset -- no matter if you are a swimmer or a coach.


20 Week Strength Training Plan

Includes: 2 Workouts Per Week for 20 weeks (40 workouts total), 40+ Exercise Videos, Rest/Rep/Exercise Recommendations -- including Substitute Exercises to keep you plan fresh! Pricing comes out to $9 per workout, which if divided for an entire team of 30 -- the value is PRICELESS!



* one time

20 Week Strength Training Plan

Includes: 4 Workouts Per Week for 20 weeks (80 workouts total), 40+ Exercise Videos, Rest/Rep/Exercise Recommendations -- including Substitute Exercises to keep you plan fresh and Dynamic Warmup Exercises + Videos too! Pricing comes out to $8 per workout, which if divided for an entire team of 30 -- the value is UNBELIEVEABLE!




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