How to SETUP for a PERFECT Open Turn

Perfecting your open turns is a definite must for all swimmers. Whether you’re at the developmental level, an IMer, and/or performing kick sets with a board at practice—knowing how to get your body into an optimum position, after finishing with a hand touch is crucial to fast swimming. In our next series, we will breaking […]

Part II: Don’t SnowPlow Against the Water—Get Your Midsection Up!

Welcome back to Part II of our blog series on Proper Body Alignment. This week, we will be discussing how to NOT SnowPlow against the water, but rise above it.  In case you haven’t read Part I of this series, [CLICK HERE] to catch up. Let’s get started! As we discussed in Part I of this series, […]

Proper Body Alignment Leads to FASTER Swimming!

Proper Body Alignment leads to FASTER swimming—but how exactly do you do it? In our next blog series, we will be discussing the KEYS to Proper Body Alignment to help YOU swim FASTER! Let’s get started… Humans are nothing like fish. We cannot breathe underwater, and our bodies resemble more of a brick in the water–than anything aquatic related. With this, there […]

Part II: 7 Steps to Improve YOUR Swimming Streamline!

Welcome back! A few weeks ago, we discussed the TWO different Streamline styles. This week, we are going to discuss what 7 STEPS you perform to IMPROVE your Swimming Streamline! If you haven’t read Part I of this series, [CLICK HERE]. Otherwise, let’s get started! The streamline is the most hydrodynamic position swimmers can be in, that’s why it’s VITAL your streamlines are executed […]

Swimming Streamline Secrets!

Welcome back! In our newest series, we will be discussing the streamline and all tips/tricks to help you improve yours today! In case you missed any of our previous series on Open Turns, [CLICK HERE] to read through Part’s I-III. Otherwise, let’s get started! Streamlines are VERY important to swimming, as EVERY single swimmer needs to be proficient at it. This […]

Part II: Wait, Coach—Should I Rotate?

Welcome back to Part II of our series on Freestyle rotation. Last week, we discussed the benefits of rotating during the Freestyle stroke. This week, we plan to dive into more of the benefits if a swimmer rotates less during Freestyle. In case you missed Part I of this series, [CLICK HERE] to read. Otherwise, let’s get started… With every stroke […]

What’s the POINT of Rotating in Freestyle?

All swimmers have heard the words: “rotate more” during their Freestyle. As coaches, we can definitely see when a swimmer is swimming “flat” on top of the water. What is really interesting from a biomechanics perspective is some coaches opinions on rotating in Freestyle are changing. I was overseas in Australia and visiting with legendary […]