Part III: The Speed of Caeleb Dressel’s Breaststroke Pullouts

Recently, at the 2018 SEC Championships, Caeleb Dressel swam the 100-yard Breaststroke in NCAA Record time of 50.03 seconds. During his race, Caeleb spent over 50% underwater (55% to be exact), and it couldn’t be better timing for us, since we are finishing up our blog series on the IMPORTANCE of dolphin kicking placement during Breaststroke Pullouts! In case […]

Part I: Do YOU know if YOUR Breaststroke Pullout Slows You Down?

The rules for the Breaststroke pullout has changed A LOT over the past few years. With Kosuke Kitajima and many other swimmers performing illegal dolphin kicks during the Breaststroke pullouts, it caused some major controversy. With no legal dolphin kick being allowed originally, to now one dolphin kick being permitted prior to the first Breaststroke kick—there’s less than […]

[Freestyle Recovery]–Reducing your Stroke Rate can INCREASE your Heart Rate??

First off, I look at Freestyle Recovery as dependent on Race Distance. Basically, it’s an inverse relationship. For example, the longer the race distance—the smaller Freestyle recovery level needed. Basically, I define the Freestyle recovery through 3 DIFFERENT levels. There are long distance races, middle distance, and sprints–each with their own correlating recovery levels. 1.) Straight Arm Recovery 2.) […]